Christ and Culture

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To those who want to connect Christ to Culture, here are a few thoughts:

Down syndrome children are a gift from God, like all children:


• “I wouldn’t change a hair on her head,” I heard a mother of a child with Down syndrome say when Lucy was 4 or 5. And I thought, back then, I would. I would take away her Down syndrome in an instant because it would make Lucy’s life easier.  But what I’ve learned is this isn’t true.”  A recent article in the Boston Globe this year is short and insightful, give it a read:  Pictures Can’t Capture The Inner Realities.

• Down Syndrome Births Drop in the U.S. But that’s NOT good news!  92% of all women who receive prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome choose to abort their pregnancies reports ABC.  It’s the most common genetic issue in the U.S. yet, as the report goes on to say, “mothers are customarily given inaccurate, incomplete and sometimes offensive information.”  As Americans we decry Hitler and the Nazis, but use his methodology when it comes to exterminating less desirable genetic traits.  Nothing says it better than this old sermon jam still worth a watch:  No, Mr. President, by John Piper.

Use the 10 Commandments to evangelize or maybe John Lennon:


• Here is a 5 min. Ray Comfort using the 10 commandments to evangelize.  This is the method we spent months learning at Sunday School, but which at its heart is very easy to use.  He also adds two moral dilemmas about stealing and murder, very interesting.

• Also fascinating:  33 minute documentary on John Lennon where he utilizes Lennon from a positive perspective to reach out to non-Christians.  He showcases his moral dilemma questions which are fantastic to use to point out the need for God.  Here is a great method to use, watch and learn how to connect Christ to people through culture!

Is Social Justice An Essential Part of the Ministry of the Church?


• Southern Baptist President Al Mohler vs. Jim Wallis in this evangelical vs. evangelical debate that is currently a hot button issue in mainstream Christianity:

  • Article write up to give you some bearings first.
  • Youtube Video for those interested in understanding the role of the Gospel to Social Justice.

Lastly, if it’s not “fair” for the 1% wealthy to call all the shots, how on earth is it fair for the 3% gay to leverage such power in American politics?  Good question, interesting blog:  The Giglio Problem: Triumph of the 3% Minority (When the Wealthy 1% Are Evil). 

Happy learning!

God bless,

Pastor Corey