Alternative College

Since half of grads are working in jobs that do not require a four-year degree (so The McKinsey study) it is not surprising that those same students say they would have chosen a different major if they could do it over.  Dave Ramsey does not mince words frankly calling the student loan option “stupid.”  Increasing debt and decreasing job availability may mean that responsible parents must wisely guide their children into paths of success outside the traditional 4-year on campus college.  Others, typically older adults, are looking to reinvent themselves in lieu of the job market but cannot leave home and family and to do so.  Here are a few options for both to consider:    

  1. Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies– According to regular studies most Christian teenagers leave high school and leave God in the process.  It is clear that no matter how “strong” someone thinks they are in their faith, if they are not truly grounded in the depth of God’s Word, and nurtured in a loving and caring discipleship community that fosters growth, accountability, and maturity, they will likely succumb to the pressures of culture and the schemes of the Evil One.  This one year Bible College located in Lenox, MA, though small, is a powerhouse of learning and leadership.  Follow the link to discover how students can complete the year with NO DEBT and enjoy a 3-week tour of the Holy Lands in the process.
  2. College Plus– College At Home for a fraction of the price and children can continue to grow and mature within their family.  College Plus helps high-school graduates organize themselves and study in order to CLEP out of most of their basic college classes leaving only their core classes to complete either online or on campus.  Considering the cost of college classes and the debt college students often unwisely accrue and take decades to pay off, simply paying $100 to earn 3 credits in a biology class, instead of taking the same class for 15 weeks and paying more than $1000 certainly solves a big part of the dilemma.  Liberty University, Moody Bible Institute, and Belhaven, among others, have partnered with college plus to accept the transfer grades without a hitch.
  3. Liberty University Online– One of the largest providers of accredited degrees on the web, begin with College Plus above and finish off with Liberty and you have a degree without debt, gained at the same time that you work and acquire life experience.
  4. 7 Competency Based Schools– Read about the concept of Competency based training, and then enroll and begin working online for your regionally accredited degree or take a few Community College courses first (often a prerequisite) and then enroll.  Save tens of thousands, accrue little to no debt, and fast track your college education.  Western Governor’s University offers dozens of degrees.  We might also add Charter Oak State College in CT which accepts life credit.
  5. Berkshire Community College– Fulfill you required courses for a fraction of the price then transfer to the school of your choice or choose above or pursue Umass online.
  6. Antioch School Of Church Planting And Leadership– Interested in ministry?  Don’t leave the church for years to study, pursue your education while you minister in your church and gain both ministry experience and an accredited academic degree.