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Antioch School

Antioch School of Church Planting and Discipleship

In a world of quick fixes and formal institutional education, a keen mind might begin to wonder if we have lost a true sense of biblical discipleship.  The Apostle Paul took Luke, Timothy, Titus, and others under his wing, spent time with them, taught them the deep truths of Scripture, and then set them up in their own churches, all this within only a few years time.  The author of Hebrews laments, “By now you should be teachers” (5:12-13).  Clearly he expected his people to grow to maturity within a certain amount of time and it was not a life long venture!  We are supposed to GET to maturity as fast as possible and then GROW IN maturity until Christ returns.

If you are interested in doing discipleship that grows believers into deep maturity, and develop leadership skills to serve the Lord through His body, then look no further.  Antioch School offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctor of Ministry degree through the local church while you remain actively involved in ministry and while others truly assess your spiritual gifts, character, and abilities. Unlike traditional schooling whereby someone might spend four years studying and all the while not plug into a local church at all or persist in immoral behavior because no one is truly part of their life; here it’s not just about passing a test, it’s about discipleship within a loving and caring church community.  It’s about not simply learning what to think, but how to think biblically. It’s about raising up leaders who love Christ and are committed to His glory.

The first thing to understand is the philosophy. Read the Global Church Based Theological Understanding brochure to get the broad brush strokes.

Second, Antioch School is structured with lay leader training and more formal accredited training.

For lay leadership training you can check out the small group resources The First Principles Series or attend a class when they are in session at Sheffield Chapel.
For information on how to earn an accredited degree through your local church, Sheffield Chapel (for a total tuition of $7200 for the entire degree!), check out the classes below and contact your pastor for enrollment.


Learn More About the Antioch School

There are various ways to get started with the Antioch School. You may enter into the process step by step or you may enter at any point.

Attend an e-Luncheon (Free)

Participate in a live 1-hour online multimedia conversation that explains the basic features of the Antioch School. More


Attend a Webinar (Free)

Participate in a live 4-hour online multimedia conversation that carefully explores the biblical and practical distinctives of the Antioch School. More


Attend Initial Certification Training

Become certified through onsite or e-Certification Training in order to offer Antioch School programs in your church or church network. More


View the Antioch School Introductory Video

Watch this 10-minute introductory video to become familiar with the biblical and philosophical foundations of the Antioch School and the leadership training solution it provides for churches and church networks. More

Read More About Their Philosophy:

From Jesus to the Gospels by Jeff Reed – Why is modern discipleship failing to produce strong mature leaders?  Find out what the problem is and ways to solve it here.

The Churches of the First Century by Jeff Reed – The first 17 pages will give you a vision for the early church and develop a desire and heart to live in deeper community.

Kerygmatic Communities: Evangelism in the Early Churches – Jesus said that it was our love for “one another” (i.e. fellow Christians) that were to mark the community of the Saints and make others see His glory through us (Jn. 14:35), yet we are so focused on the individual that we forget how to grow and nurture loving kingdom communities.  Find out how the early church did it and why they set a good pattern for us today.

Women and the Spontaneous Expansion of the Church – Find out more about the crucial role of women in the first century to furthering the kingdom of God by love and sacrifice.

Shepherding, Counseling in the Early Church – Is it only the pastor’s job to shepherd and counsel?  What about the people in the pew?  What role do they play in teaching and instructing, admonishing and encouraging?  Find out more, read on.

The Paradigm Papers

The individual Paradigm Papers are available for download free of charge. Select a title below and your paper should begin downloading. (Adobe® Reader® version 5.0 or higher required.)

Church-Based Theological Education: Creating a New Paradigm
Church Based Theological Education: Creating a New Paradigm describes the shifts taking place in formal education, reviews the biblical principles of theological education, and proposes a new model of theological education rooted in the local church and shepherded by a qualified leadership team of elders and ministers of the gospel.

Church-Based Missions: Creating a New Paradigm
Church Based Missions: Creating a New Paradigm describes problems of the Western colonial missions model and proposes a new model of missions based in local churches and focused on the planting and establishing of churches.

Church-Based Christian Education: Creating a New Paradigm–Part I: Childhood and Adolescence
Church Based Christian Education: Creating a New Paradigm proposes a model of education that integrates the home, church, and school.

Church-Based Christian Education: Creating a New Paradigm–Part II: Adulthood
Church Based Christian Education: Creating a New Paradigm-Part II addresses the fragmented, cafeteria-style approach to adult Christian education found in many churches today and proposes a new model of integrated learning founded upon a framework of lifelong wisdom development, which begins with the first principles of the Christian faith. The paper addresses development processes for elders, deacons, adults, and other leadership roles in local churches.

Church-Based Theology: Creating a New Paradigm
Church Based Theology: Creating a New Paradigm addresses the fragmented, scientific approach taught today in formal institutions and proposes a new model of theology that is rooted in wisdom and whose focus is the strength and shepherding of local churches.

Church-Based Hermeneutics: Creating a New Paradigm
Church Based Hermeneutics: Creating a New Paradigm proposes a model of interpreting and using the Scriptures in local churches that replaces the act of interpreting as a strictly individualistic endeavor, with an endeavor that is shared by a local church functioning as a critical-thinking learning community.

A spiral bound version of The Paradigm Papers is available for purchase. To order, download the BILD International Resource Catalog and Order Form.

Church-Based Ministry Training Which is Truly Church-Based
Church-Based Ministry Training Which is Truly Church-Based tackles the complex issue and question: “What makes a training program truly church based, rather than institutionally or organizationally based?”