A New Creation: A Resurrection Poem for 2016

Pastor Corey McLaughlin       Comments Off on A New Creation: A Resurrection Poem for 2016

born again

 Born Again
Copyright 2016 Dean Kermit Allison All Rights Reserved.  Used with permission by the artist.

Oh the chasm of emptiness,
A valley of dark,
A cave of loneliness,
No longer a spark.

The moss of regret creeping on the walls,
The algae of despair coloring the water,
The silt of shame a cushioned bed,
Here do I lie awake,
Here do I hang my head.

Like lava flow, liquid rays of light
Moving through chambers of the night
Warm my near defeated corpse for the fight
Awake my soul, awake to flight!

Phoenix fire, burning ash, reborn a new,
Breathe of life, Spirit too
Out of damp, confining quarters,
Claustrophobic, tight, disorder.

Wings of power stretching forth
Hallowed Wind
Hallowed Wind
Hallowed Wind

A new creation made to rise,
Death cannot hold, thus my cry,
Where O Death is your victory?  Where O Death is your sting?
I dance on my grave, I feast in my coffin! 

Rocks to dust, mountains leveled,
Evil flees, and demons bellow,
Soar to heights and lengths unknown,
A new creation made from stone
A new creation made for home.

Neon glory goes before me, casting out the gray,
“In this state,” Thunder rumbles…
“Forever will you stay
A new creation.”