Armageddon Poem

Pastor Corey McLaughlin       Comments Off on Armageddon Poem



Everyday he knocks, rapping on my door.
Come out my friend into the darkness, sin a little more!

Have a little food enjoy its dancing flavor,
have a little more,
gluttony to savor.

 Talk about your neighbors,
talk of your concern,
talk to friends and family,
let the gossip burn.

Fill your heart with envy,
fill your eyes with lust,
fill your mind with doubt,
fill your life with dust.

Relentless and undying, knocking evermore
Come out my friend into the darkness, sin a little more!

Skin disease your clothing?
Cancer now your bones?
Death and dying laughing,
as you weep and moan.

Always present, always here, always knocking king of fear.
Pounding, scratching, piercing cry,
The world, he says, is death to die.
Children, orphans, starving, perish,
homeless, helpless, tears, disparage!

Does God listen?  Does He hear? Does He ever really care?

Oh, How I’ve doubted;
how I’ve sinned,
I’ve opened up the door and let the Liar in.

Now another knocks, rapping at my door.
Relentless and undying, knocking evermore.
Pounding, stomping, joyous cry,
The world, he says, is not awry.

With eyes soft as feathers and face of brilliant light,
I beheld my King,
with all my soul’s delight,

The power of His words, like a lion’s roar:
You may lose the battle,
but I will win the war.