My God Ascends

Pastor Corey McLaughlin       Comments Off on My God Ascends


My God Ascends in glory clothed,

Radiant light His Mystery unfolds,

“Return to me!”, I stretch and quiver,

Lost in hopeless skies.

“Why do you look; why do you tarry?”

Asks a white robed wonder,

“My Lord, my king, he’s gone, my heart is ripped asunder!”

“Gone for now, but not forever,” a sly smirk upon his face:

“He will return in power mighty,

A crown upon His head,

He will return in victory conquering,

On steed in robes of red.

His love will have no limit,

His kingly rule will have no end.

On His throne of gold, you will reign,

His Chosen He has fought for,

His chosen he will defend.

Look not to the skies for His return,

But to your feet for the Gospel burn,

Carry, labor, go and search,

For in heaven doth Messiah perch,

“Is it time?” asks the Son to the Father three in one.

“Closer, Closer, Closer

with each soul won.”

“Gone for now, but not forever.

Let the Gospel run!”