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Caveat: Though we have collected some phenomenal resources on the web all from an Evangelical perspective, God expects you to use your mind for his glory. These are provided under the assumption that every believer is a priest before the Most High God and is responsible to weigh and reason and check the Scriptures for themselves not simply or blindly believe what one author or article has to say.


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I want to STUDY the Bible myself!

(1) – Do you want to interact with the Greek and Hebrew words in a manageable way? Do you want one site with online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries without spreading yourself thin? Here it is. One stop shopping for the student of the Word. Special note, after searching a text of Scripture select “New American Standard” from the drop down menu then click on “Strong’s Numbers” to search the Greek or Hebrew words (the words turn blue).

(2) – This site is especially comparing multiple translations of the Bible. A general rule is that when studying the Bible, three translations should be consulted and compared. The New American Standard or the KJV or NKJV are literal translations best used for studying the Bible. This should be the first translation you choose. Select up to four others and compare. Discrepancies are a hint that there is more going on behind the text in the original language than studying one translation will let you see. Notice differences in tenses (past, present, future), vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.

I want to answer my many QUESTIONS in general:

(1) – Here is an easy to read primer offering answers to some tough questions in less than a few pages. It is not exhaustive but when you are just beginning too many details can become a burden. Start here first, ask a question or search for one, and then branch out from there. You will be glad you did.

(2) – Easy to search, easy to read, exhaustive, great articles, audios, book reviews, thoughts on living the Christian life, great devotionals, fantastic in-depth Bible studies for you to print off with your own devotionals or have emailed to you and all kinds of categories to search, marriage, family, singles, or by gender, men, women, etc.  Do not overlook this site!

(3) – This is a general site filled with a slew of helpful and often detailed articles by various Evangelicals. Check out the “topics” tab, perhaps you want to know more about demons, discipleship, regeneration, justification. Click on the “series” tab and see if there are any series that may follow the weekly sermons or your own devotional studies. The only draw back is that the search engine does not seem to be fully helpful although the filter option on the right after you search is beneficial for eliminating unnecessary things. When you can find an article it is definitely worth it for its depth. In this way the articles act as good quality commentaries (e.g. search “The Transfiguration (Luke 9:18-36)).

(4) – Search any topic and benefit from someone else’s research! Literally hundreds of thousands of Evangelical sermons all housed in one place covering everything from Abortion to Retirement, Parenting to Hymn History.

I want IN-DEPTH Bible training!

(1) – There is no better site on the entire web for learning the deep truths of Scripture at a college and graduate level. These top Evangelical professors wanted to offer their knowledge to the people who would never end up walking through the doors of Seminary but nonetheless had a heart for God’s Word. Listen to even one lecture, I promise, it will not disappoint. All lectures are free though if you enroll in the certificate program you get more of the 30 hour courses.

(2) Gordon-Conwell Semlink 30 Hour Courses: Now here is a hidden gem. Nearly 40 full semester graduate classes, each one only $50 and they send them to you nicely packaged with CDs, course syllabus, and over a hundred pages of notes. Redeem that car time and dig deep into the mystery of the Old Testament with world famous Doug Stuart (the best Old Testament course I have ever heard), learn Greek with Dr. Scott Hafemann, or learn more about how to relate to the Old Testament as a Christian with top Evangelical scholar Walter Kaiser.

(3) – Here is one of my favorite sites which I never tire of visiting. Search a topic from Christian life issues to deep theological quandaries and you will find articles, long and short, as well as audio sermons, often one after the other collected from all over the web. Interested in a book you saw? Search for their detailed and sifted book reviews before you buy.

I want to DEFEND what I believe!

(1) – This was originally begun by one ambitious man, Matt Slick, who wanted to challenge the onslaught of the cultural juggernaut threatening Christianity. His exhaustive, well researched, and user friendly website provides everything you need to defend your faith; from understanding Islam, to holding the fort against a broad array of cults, to abortion, atheism, and evolution.

(2) – Here is an enormous site filled with articles, audio lectures, and Youtube clips that will give you the necessary tools to defend against false religions, false teaching, and destructive world-views. Here is a good starting place, top apologist William Lane Craig and the Evidence for Christianity.

I want to understand the relationship between SCIENCE and the Bible! (Discovery Institute of Science and Culture): You have probably heard the name thrown around “Intelligent Design” and can you imagine, it is even being taught in some of the schools in the US! The fellows of the institute offer some fine and outstanding research from the ID perspective and their work should not be discounted (especially enlightening are a series of DVDs which any family with kids five years and older could benefit from).

Young Earth Creationism:

* Creation Research Institute

* Institute for Creation Research (Henry Morris)

* Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)

Old Earth Creationism:

* Reasons To Believe (Dr. Hugh Ross)

* God and Science

* Answers in Creation (the old earth counterpart to Answers in Genesis)

Note: For a more in-depth overview of the various views click this link from the Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies which lists dozens of sites, organized neatly and with brief descriptions.

I want to LISTEN to solid Evangelical Sermons!

* Alistair Begg

* Beth Moore

* Elizabeth George

* John MacArthur

* John Piper

* Kay Arthur

* N.T. Wright

* R.C. Sproul

* Ravi Zacharias

* Voddie Baucham

* General Site with many large names and many small: