Ministry Leaders

This is a private page for Ministry Leaders. This calendar includes the public calendar events AND “behind the scenes events”, birthdays and anniversaries. The calendar shows ministry meetings, cookouts, practices, set up times, etc. so that we don’t double book. The regular weekly schedule is in blue, special events for everyone are in red, meetings are in green, and behind the scenes meetings (things we wouldn’t usually post to the website) etc are in purple. You can also use the drop down arrow on the top right of the calendar if you would like to look at individual calendar categories.

Please check this calendar before you plan a meeting time. If you are a leader at the chapel, you know that you already have permission to schedule special meetings, cookouts and get-togethers for your small group. Now we just ask that you let us know about these so that we can add them to the calendar in an attempt not to step on each other’s toes and double book. For any major event that you would like to organize, please run it by Pastor Corey first. Please email Rebekah Dellea at with new calendar events, meetings, and set up times.

Thank you for all you do!