Asking the Right Questions:

God vs. Evolution Movie by evangelists Ray Comfort

The Icons Of Evolution – Discovery Institute

Shattering The Icons Of Evolution – Tim Barnett an apologist with Stand To Reason gives a simple overview of these icons explaining some necessary background.

An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism by Philosopher Alvin Plantinga

Exploring The Clash Of Worldviews – Naturalism vs. Biblical Worldview:

The Atheists Delusion Movie by Ray Comfort

Scientific Naturalism by Philosopher William Lane Craig (10 min.)

Answering “God of the Gaps” response by William Lane Craig (5 min.)

Scientific Naturalism vs. Christianity full debate With Craig (1 hr. 45 min.)

Naturalism…Glimpse A World Without God by scholar Gary Habermas

The End Of Reason:  A Response To The New Atheists – Ravi Zacharias

Understanding The Imago Dei:

The Image Of God by Bible Project (animation 6 min.)

What Is Man?  The Image of God by Third Millennium Ministries (1 hr.)

Born-Again Bible Believing Christians Disagree On This Topic – That is okay!

Theistic Evolutionary Creation biologos.org

Old Earth Creation reasons.org

Young Earth Creation answersingenesis.org

Further Resources

Resources To Help Along The Way (Christian Perspective):

The Intelligent Design Collection from Discovery Institute

The Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel

The Truth Project, Vol. 1 – Does God Exist?  Building The Scientific Case

Resources To Help Along The Way (Secular Perspective):

*These links are for those that want to explore an evolutionist perspective instead of always relying on hearsay from others.    

The Darwinian Revolution by Professor Frederick Gregory

Biological Anthropology:  An Evolutionary Perspective by Professor Barbara J. King

Major Transitions In Evolution by Professor Anthony Martin & John Hawks

The Most Important Question Is Not About Evolution!

The Case For Christ, The Case For Faith by Lee Strobel

The Truth Project, Volume Vol. 2. Is The Bible Reliable?, Vol. 3 – Who Is Jesus?

Gary Habermas books, articles, lectures on the Resurrection