Our God Reigns!

Our God reigns over the mountains and deep in the sea, Our God reigns from Mt. Carmel, to Sinai, to under my feet. Our God reigns in the morning, in… Read more »

The Lost Sheep

The Lost Sheep He will hunt in the thicket and the valley below He will search all the caves and the mountains capped with snow. His feet will bleed and… Read more »

My God Ascends

My God Ascends in glory clothed, Radiant light His Mystery unfolds, “Return to me!”, I stretch and quiver, Lost in hopeless skies. “Why do you look; why do you tarry?”… Read more »

Armageddon Poem

Armageddon Everyday he knocks, rapping on my door. Come out my friend into the darkness, sin a little more! Have a little food enjoy its dancing flavor, have a little… Read more »

A Roman Centurion Speaks

A Roman Centurion Speaks Based on Luke 23:47; Mk 15:39; Matt. 27:54 Here hangs a man, a worm, a villain Despised by all his own From his dying mouth he utters Grace… Read more »